Saucyduck Art


Hi. My name is Rosie, and in my art, I like to capture a humor that is both quirky and cute. I love playing with my illustrations and mixing up animals and placing them with ‘people items’ or in fun outfits. My bold and colourful sketches are used to create various items. Like small collections of handmade boutique stickers, button badges, greeting cards and art prints. I also license out my repeat patterns on fabrics. 

In amongst my pattern designs, I am currently working on a children’s book featuring a cranky koala named Jan, who has to ‘let go’ to find her own happiness. Please feel free to follow me on my creative journey or grab some cute accessories on my websites. 

Please message my page if you are looking to collaborate with me. Thank you!

P.S. The handmade koala was made by Hello Lucy,  using my ‘Koala Hugs’ fabric design




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